Owning a great rental property can make you stand out from the crowd and will ensure that your property is rented as often as you’d like it to be. This will also ensure that you not only get top price, but repeat customers. Regardless of whether you choose to use your rental or not, let this be your guide to owning a great rental property.


No one wants to feel as though they’ve stepped into a time warp. Vacationers want the same amenities and comforts they have at home. A bright roomy space that can comfortably accommodate them. Furniture should be clean and look fairly stylish. This isn’t to say you must spend a lot of money to furnish your rental – not at all – but you don’t want your guests to feel as though they’ve walked into a home that has discarded furniture. Furnishing a rental property with items from consignment shops and tag sales is perfectly acceptable, providing your items don’t look beaten up.

Nor do you want to place your better pieces in a rental home. Soft furniture – couches, chairs, sectionals, etc, should look fairly new and clean. Choose upholstery with slipcovers or material that can easily be cleaned, because the nicest coloures for seaside apartments are neutrals. Walls should be or look freshly painted. You may want to wipe them down at the beginning and the end of each season.


There’s nothing worse than walking into a filthy rental property. Your guests shouldn’t feel as though they need to wipe down counters, tubs, showers or floors the minute they step into your home. Hire a cleaning service to thoroughly clean before each renter starts his stay.


This can be done at a minimal expense. It really doesn’t take much to add some personal touches to make your guests feel as though they’re home away from home. Here are a few simple things that will make a big impact:

  • Hang artwork/photography on the walls
  • Add extra pillows and throws on the couch
  • Have vases on hand for flowers
  • Collections – river rocks, sea glass, shells, etc – placed in jars
  • Books and magazines for guests to help themselves to. (It is ok to ask them not to be removed from the property)
  • Tour guides or books if your home is in a popular travel destination, mountains or seaside town
  • Board games and cards – It’s inevitable that onto every vacation some rain must fall!
  • Add some inexpensive area rugs to soften the space


We are internet dependent for work and pleasure. Offer your guests access to the internet, WiFi, as well as good selection of TV channels. Your home should have at least one television set and a DVD player.


While renters often eat out, and often, while they are on vacation, most will take full advantage of a well stocked kitchen and many meals will be prepared and enjoyed in your rental property. A good kitchen will be stocked with:

  • A dishwasher
  • Microwave oven
  • Toaster/toaster oven
  • Coffee Maker – Do keep coffee filters for this particular make on hand
  • Tea kettle
  • Ample selection of pots and pans
  • Ample selection of sharp knives
  • Flatware service for 10-12
  • A vegetable peeler
  • A whisk
  • Metal spoons
  • Wooden spoons
  • Metal and rubber spatulas
  • Measuring cups
  • Measuring spoons
  • Plates (for 10-12)
  • Bowls
  • Serving and prep bowls
  • Plastic and glass drinking glasses
  • Coffee and teacups
  • Wine glasses
  • Can and bottle opener
  • Baking sheets
  • Colander, sieve
  • Kitchen towels
  • Dishwashing detergent (specially salt to protect your dischwasher)
  • Sponges


  • Spices and condiments (salt, pepper, sugar)
  • Plastic wrap, aluminum foil. plastic bags, garbage bags.
  • With the above items it is ok to ask guests to replenish diminishing supplies.

You should also keep cleaning supplies and extra light bulbs on hand as well as a broom, mop and vacuum cleaner, even a couple of flash lights in case of unexpected power outages.


It is essential to have a good rest, therefore the mattress has to be good quality and changed before it gets worn out. Offer your guests plenty of storage space for their belongings. Have plenty of hangers in the closets and dressers with empty drawers in each bedroom. Bedside tables and lamps in every room for bedtime reading. Bedding should look new and clean. Check bedding for stains and tears. Offer extra pillows and blankets for cooler nights.

A comfortable and well maintained home will see return renters. In fact, the same renters will often return to the same house year after year. As a property owner, these are the renters you are looking for!


We do not need to emphasize the importance of the outdoor space at a vacation apartment or house. Comfortable chairs to enjoy the views with a glass of something nice are a must. A grill would be a nice idea and any feature that makes staying on the terrace a precious moment will add value to your home, as the views are provided!