The “home staging” is a technique that allows you to sell (or rent) quickly and at the best price a home. Basically, it consists in giving a facelift to the house so that the potential buyers fall in love with it at first sight of it, since, according to the real estate agents, these are decided in the first 90 seconds of the visit. Today we are going to talk about how to put this technique into practice to sell your property in Spain.

Today, the industry of ‘home staging’ moves billions in the United States. In fact, 75% of homes for sale go through the filter of a ‘home stager’ and is already a service assumed by sellers and real estate agents, who usually have experts on their equipment or hire them to perform the service.

To getting this, the house is valued, enhancing the positive, without hiding the imperfections. Unused square meters or a certain lighting are used, the house is depersonalized and the furniture is distributed in a way that provides attractiveness to the house.


One of the ways is to look at current housing trends. Isn’t about creating the most sophisticated but about adapting it to both the current home market and the buyer that exists today, very different from a few years ago.

To acclimatize your property to the current offer of homes, there is a basic premise: respect for space. The amplitude is a feature that has great value in the current market, and if your flat has a construction date located in the twentieth century, it will surely lack this precious attribute. What is the solution? Make the house give an image of a spacious and diaphanous interior.

It’s the most complex process of the renovation, but also, the most profitable if you are interested in selling flats. Whenever you consult the opinion of an architect previously, don’t be afraid to remove partitions or unnecessary pillars so that two rooms are one.

Don’t be afraid to carry out this process, as it not only adapts perfectly to the current house style but also to the buyer that exists today. That stereotype of a large family (or with aspirations to be) is virtually non-existent these days, so with two rooms and a toilet, your home will have everything that the current demand seeks. If your house has more rooms, you already know what to do in the full renovation: better amplitude than quantity.

When it comes to renovating the aesthetics of some parts of the house, these areas should be your priority:


It’s a sensitive area that at the slightest failure can lose a sale that seemed made. Do not neglect anything, since the investment in this part of the house will not involve any high cost: mirrors, faucets, shower curtains, screen … Give them a more current face wash and your toilet will quote upwards.


It’s a fundamental element to give the house a more spacious and luminous aspect, very desired characteristics. Flee dark tones, and bet on the clear tone of the wood, or a vinyl that serves as an imitation.


The key is to renovate elements that can offer an image of antiquity: tiles, furniture, and floor. As extra advice, it is not necessary, but if you are going to renew the appliances equipment, look for them to be the same color, an aesthetic detail that can seduce many buyers.

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